Vectors of the soul I: a child

In my paper 'Vectors and Structures' I explored how the abuse of a child, by a narcissistic parent (or other significant attachment figure) effects the relationship of an abused (grown) individual with God. This three-parts theatre investigates the mechanics of narcissistic abuse in the Church and its consequences for a soul.

A new born human being : red - a real Self to be formed ; black - a potential for "flipside"
or fake self

beauty & secure attachment - development of real Self

deliberately inflicted pain & abuse - shrinkage of real Self & growing "flipside"

"turn upside down": 'fake self overthrew real Self.

Last scene: an abused person  has practically no means of relating to the other, God, or human, in a normal way. His real Self is overtaken by a phantom, his flipside.





Part II

Part III