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Icon painting is a natural expression of my faith; the most important thing is to show the reality of the presence of Jesus Christ and call forth a response to his presence.


This purpose determines my approach to the form of an icon. I do not follow a rigid style but vary the language depending on the purpose of the particular icon (e.g., I think that depiction of the Passion demands more realism and emotions so the believer would respond to the suffering of the Son of Man).

My compass is early Christian art and the absolute example is the Sinai icon of Christ Pantocrator which is nothing else but the expression by the artist of the Church’s and his own understanding of the Person of Christ.

(Catalogue 'Christian Art 2018')




“An icon is visually expressed prayer and is understood, mostly, through prayer. It is made to be viewed by the faithful person standing prayerfully before it."

Sr Juliania (Sokolova)'The Work of an Iconographer'




Icons are for prayer

Iconographer's reference

An icon should not harm the soul

Иконы и идеалы:
диалог с коллегой

Icons and ideals:
dialog with a colleague

Icons, the ‘Canon’, and key symbolism
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“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”

Love of Christ


Christ the High Priest

Apostles Peter and Paul

Archangel Michael (Apocalypse)

St John the Baptist

Ecce Homo

Our Lady 'Akhtirskaya'

Christ of Apocalypses

St John the Baptist Bearing Witness to Christ


Sacred Heart

Christ as Sacrament

Holy Trinity

Christ the High Priest

O Nymphios

Christ Pantocrator

Our Lady 'Pimenovskaya'

Holy Communion

Walking on Water

The Baptism of Our Lord

Sacred Heart

Christ Pantocrator  
Early icons