Dmitry Rukavishnikov  

Year of birth: 1977

Charge: Participation in mass disorder

Currently detained in: Prison 5 'Vodnyk', Moscow

Lawyers: Dmitry Dubrovin +7 (926) 97974−21  Alexander Denisov

Dmitry Rukavishnikov is one of 27 people who are currently on trial because of their involvement in the mass demonstration on 6th of May 2012. On that date, immediately before President Putin's inauguration, about 100,000-120,000 people took part in a peaceful protest in Moscow. The police suddenly blocked the way to Bolotnaya (Swamp) Square where the SANCTIONED march was to terminate thus provoking a clash with the protesters. Then the police announced the demonstration was cancelled and immediately attacked the protesters, beginning to disperse them with the aid of batons and tear gas. As a result, approximately 600 people were arrested on the spot, hundreds were injured. Criminal charges were initiated not against the unlawful police officers but against the lawful protesters for participating in mass disorder and acts of violence. 27 people were selected by the authorities to serve as examples in a theatre of show-case prosecutions.

Dmitry Rukavishnikov, the leader of a regional branch of 'Left Front' was arrested in his apartment in Ivanovo on 2nd of April 2013. After a thorough search the detectives confiscated a hard drive, USB drives, leaflets and even his books. Then the farce began: Rukavishnikov was taken away for the meeting with certain witness from Moscow but first he was delivered to the... local hairdresser where he was "trimmed and shaved for the state's cost". After that the witness recognized him as a participant in
mass disorder on the 6th of May. On the basis of this recognition Rukavishnikov, a vice-director of Ivanovo service company, was conveyed to Moscow and jailed. The farce somewhat escalated during the court hearing: Rukavishnikov was accused of dragging mobile public toilets, dropping and eventually destroying them. "It is strange", remarked his brother, a Moscovite, "I listened and cannot recognize my brother in all this - which public toilets and what for to drag them?" He also offered to place his brother in his apartment arguing that there is a police station next door. The lawyer pointed out that it is impossible to recognize someone whom one barely saw a year after the event and asked for his defendant to be held under house arrest. The judge refused on the ground that the defendant will "destroy the evidence". "Which evidence," replied the lawyer - "The toilets which he apparently already destroyed?"

That is all that can be said about the court hearing but not all that can be said about the man. Rukavishnikov is a graduate of the Department of Sociology and Politics of the University of Teaching, later a graduate of the Department of Management of the North-West Presidential Academy. Apart from his primary job he was also assistant to independant Duma deputy Ilia Ponomarev and the author of several publications. According to those who knew him he possesses a highly logical mind and is a very responsible, sincere and kind person, recently married. Nevertheless, Dmitry Rukavishnikov, "accused public toilet destroyer" is in jail and is threatened to be sentenced from three to eight years in prison.

Released under amnesty 25.12.2013