Denis Lutskevich  

Year of birth: 1992

Charge: Participation in mass disorder and use of violence against  authorities; sentenced to 3 years 6 months

Currently detained in: Prison colony, Tula

Lawyers: Dmitry Dinze  +7 (911) 92942−99 
Dmitry Dubrovin +7 (926) 97974−21

Denis Lutskevich is one of 27 people who are currently on trial because of their involvement in the mass demonstration on 6th of May 2012. On that date, immediately before President Putin's inauguration, about 100,000-120,000 people took part in a peaceful protest in Moscow. The police suddenly blocked the way to Bolotnaya (Swamp) Square where the SANCTIONED march was to terminate thus provoking a clash with the protesters. Then the police announced the demonstration was cancelled and immediately attacked the protesters, beginning to disperse them with the aid of batons and tear gas. As a result, approximately 600 people were arrested on the spot, hundreds were injured. Criminal charges were initiated not against the unlawful police officers but against the lawful protesters for participating in mass disorder and acts of violence. 27 people were selected by the authorities to serve as examples in a theatre of show-case prosecutions.  

Denis Lutskevich is a student of the State University of Humanitarian Sciences, an assistant of the Dean of the Department of Culture and a former Marine sergeant. Lutskevich went to Bolotnaya Square together with his girlfriend and also with his university student and academic colleagues. He had never attended a political meetings before and never expressed opposition political views. During the meeting while attempting to help his girlfriend (the police tried to arrest people around her so she was being crushed) he was particularly brutally beaten by the OMON (a 'special' unit): the hospital later registered injury of the back of his head, hematoma of the right ear, multiple injuries of back, arms and legs. Because of the severity of his injuries he was well remembered by the other demonstrators locked in the same police car.

Lutskevich was arrested on 9th of June 2012 and accused in throwing pieces of concrete into the soldiers of OMON and also taking off a helmet from one of them. However the extensive video of his detention (and the following beating) shows all soldiers with helmets on. There is no footage of him not throwing anything. These accusations are based solely on the statement of one soldier of the OMON. During the interrogation Lutskevich was pressured to admit his guilt and threatened otherwise to be sent to a particularly notorious prison to be locked up with sex offenders and murderers if he did not cooperate. He refused and was jailed.

On 24th of October 2012 Lutskevich started a legal process against the soldiers of OMON who beat him up. His resistance and determination has made him the subject of severe psychological and physical pressure.

His mother offered her apartment as bail so he would be moved into house arrest but she was refused. More than ten flawless character references collected by his lawyers, among them from the Union of Marines and the Dean of his University did not make a difference as well. It is clear that there is no more offence for the system than intelligent, independent, strong willed and highly moral people like Lutskevich.