Sergei Udaltsov  

Year of birth: 1977

Charge: Organization of mass disorder, armed violence against authorities; sentenced to 4 years 6 months

Currently detained in: Prison colony

Lawyers: Violetta Volkova +7 (916) 318-86-14,
Nikolai Polozov


Segei Udaltsov, educated in law, married with two children was an extremely zealous political activist. A coordinator of 'Left Front', he was notorious for being arrested at practically any political actions he participated in or came to look at.

His political goals expressed in January 2012 interview are "a direct democracy, where the people would have their say through fair and transparent referendums, where they could interact with authorities using the Internet, where they could have a say in social reforms." According to Udaltsov: "We are not nostalgic about the Soviet Union, we do not argue for a return to a centrally planned economy where social initiative was stifled, but we do want to preserve what was good in the Soviet system while adopting new paths to development; we want to see the social-democratic development of Russia."

His latest arrest and current imprisonment was based on the fabricated documentary 'The Anatomy of Protest' shown on TV on 5th of October 2012 in which he, together with his comrade Razvozzhaev, were depicted as terrorists in the employment of Georgian politicians. Razvozzhaev was kidnapped soon after; his "confession under torture" which he later renounced provided the "evidence" that he and Udaltsov were preparing for mass riots on Russian Federation territory and also of their involvement in mass disorder on the 6th of May. According to this statement, the mass disorder was financed by the Georgian politicians to overthrow the Russian government.

From 9th of February 2013 Udaltsov was held under house arrest. It was his condition of existence (nevertheless, even in this situation Udaltsov managed to propose his candidature for the  Moscow mayoral election) until July 2014 when he was eventually sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison. The case of Udaltsov, together with Razvozzhaev, is truly spectacular illustration of how the State created counterfeit reality acquires a life on its own. To get two people sentenced on the basis of a crudely faked "made for television documentary" and a tortured confession is a result that even  Goebbels would envy.