Taisia Osipova  

Year of birth: 1984

Charge: dealing illegal drugs; sentenced to 8 years

Currently imprisoned in: Prison colony IK-5 Vishny Volochek

Lawyers: Svetlana Sidorkina, Natalia Shaposhnikova


Taisia Osipova is a political activist and a victim of prosecution because of her membership in 'The Other Russia' opposition party (an impressive number of 'The Other Russia' members have been frequently arrested, kidnapped, beaten up, and murdered over last few years. On the 28th of August 2012 she was sentenced to eight years in jail for "possessing and dealing illegal drugs ". The process was initiated by the written statement of a certain "unknown witness", whose real name or other details have been never revealed, about buying illegal drugs from Osipova. In cases like Osipova's the presence of an "unknown witness" is not typical and therefore suspicious. During the search at her house the five packs with an "unknown substance" and a marked five hundred rubles note were found. During the search the police took multiple photographs of the interior including the smallest of items. Such detailed shots were probably necessary to help "the unknown witness" to describe the interior where the deal took place.

Osipova did not admit her participation either in keeping or selling the illegal drugs. She stated to the court that a few days before her house search her close friend was made an offered by police to write a statement about buying drugs from Osipova. Nevertheless, she was sentenced for for eight years, twice more than the prosecutor had demanded.

Taisia Osipova suffers severe diabetes. Her blood sugar levels are much beyond the norm but she does not receive any medical care for this in prison. She was refused to be hospitalized in the prison hospital during her acute diabetic attacks. Her health has deteriorated significantly during her imprisonment.

Taisia Osipova has a daughter Katrina. Currently the eight years old girl is living with her relatives who have been threatened by the state children care organization to take her away from them.