Sergei Krivov  

Year of birth: 1961

Charge: Participation in mass disorder and use of violence against  authorities; sentenced to 4 years

Currently imprisoned in: Prison colony

Lawyer: Vyacheslav Makarov (495) 72836−44


Sergei Krivov is one of 27 people who are currently on trial because of their involvement in the mass demonstration on 6th of May 2012. On that date, immediately before President Putin's inauguration, about 100,000-120,000 people took part in a peaceful protest in Moscow. The police suddenly blocked the way to Bolotnaya (Swamp) Square where the SANCTIONED march was to terminate thus provoking a clash with the protesters. Then the police announced the demonstration was cancelled and immediately attacked the protesters, beginning to disperse them with the aid of batons and tear gas. As a result, approximately 600 people were arrested on the spot, hundreds were injured. Criminal charges were initiated not against the unlawful police officers but against the lawful protesters for participating in mass disorder and acts of violence. 27 people were selected by the authorities to serve as examples in a theatre of show-case prosecutions.

Sergei Krivov holds a PhD in Physics-mathematical Science. He is married and has two children, 9 and 12 years old. He is also supporting his mother who is an invalid. Krivov is a member of the Party of Peoples Freedom (PARNAS), a social activist, a constant participant of the actions 'Occupy Sud (Court)' which are to support political prisoners and an independent observer of the elections.

Sergei Krivov was arrested on the 18th of October 2012. The basis for his arrest was the statements of two soldiers of the elite unit the OMON. According to them, Krivov took away a baton from one of them and hit another. Curiously, the video does not show anything like that. Krivov has admitted that he indeed took away the baton but did it only to prevent the beating of other demonstrators and that he did not hit anyone. 

As a protest against his false accusation and imprisonment Krivov began a hunger strike which lasted from 14th December to 26th January. He stopped it when he realized that without being linked into a supporting external campaign he could achieve nothing but death.

His case is typical of those protestors who have the ill fortune to be married with small children and aged parents: the prosecution uses them to pressure the prisoner to collaborate. Thus, his wife over many months has been unable to receive his Power of Attorney for control over their car, property, and his bank account because the detectives and the prison administration refuse to provide the signed papers. The court in turns refuses to do anything about that.

It is not surprising then that despite his severely ill mother and his children the court refused to move Krivov under house arrest. The official reason for the refusal is standard: the court is concerned that the defendant may continue his criminal activity, in case of Krivov "that after committing the original crime he continued his criminal activity - participated in meetings and even picketed the Court". Therefore Krivov, just like other imprisoned demonstrators, has been jailed for months before the actual court and the sentence.

Despite his difficult circumstances, Sergei Krivov has been frequently commented on by lawyers and journalists for his optimism and unbending spirit.