Michael Kosenko  

Year of birth: 1975

Charge: Participation in mass disorder and use of violence against  authorities; sentenced to compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital

Currently imprisoned in: Psychiatric hospital #5, Moscow

Lawyers: Valery Shukhardin +7 (916) 43923−31 zashita-shvv@yandex.ru
Dmitry Aivazyan, Vladimir Rzhanov, Alexey Miroshnichenko


Michael Kosenko is one of 27 people who are currently on trial because of their involvement in the mass demonstration on 6th of May 2012. On that date, immediately before President Putin's inauguration, about 100,000-120,000 people took part in a peaceful protest in Moscow. The police suddenly blocked the way to Bolotnaya (Swamp) Square where the SANCTIONED march was to terminate thus provoking a clash with the protesters. Then the police announced the demonstration was cancelled and immediately attacked the protesters, beginning to disperse them with the aid of batons and tear gas. As a result, approximately 600 people were arrested on the spot, hundreds were injured. Criminal charges were initiated not against the unlawful police officers but against the lawful protesters for participating in mass disorder and acts of violence. 27 people were selected by the authorities to serve as examples in a theatre of show-case prosecutions.

Michail Kosenko, was arrested on the 8th of July 2012. He is facing the particularly serious accusation of "the life-threatening violence against authorities". The only support for this accusation is the video of the event showing him standing still, not participating in the events and the words of a police officer who stated he saw that Kosenko "with some other unidentified people" hit another officer.

While serving in the army Kosenko suffered a serious head trauma which provoked schizophrenia and made him an invalid receiving the health pension. His serious illness grossly worsened over months of imprisonment without medicine leading to hospitalization and then return to prison. Despite this Kosenko was refused to be moved from prison to house arrest. Furthermore the judge has been prohibiting the visits of his relatives for eight months at the this time of writing. The prosecution is now demanding a sentence of indefinite detention and "compulsory psychiatric treatment" in a mental hospital. Recently his court hearings have been cancelled several times because of "illness" and "possible surgery".

His Moscow neighbors stated that prior to his arrest he was a quite, calm person. He needs to be returned to the constant supervision of his medical specialist and calm home environment in which he was doing so well.

Michael Kosenko before his arrest

Released 11.07.2014