Iconographer's reference

Anna Golubkina, Russian sculptor, 19-20 cc.




Sitting Man

Old Age 


Early Christian art, Italy, Egypt, Russia


Jesus Christ, wall painting, 4 c.

Our Lady 'Oranta', wall painting, 4 c.

Apostle Peter, icon, 6-7 c


Ascension, icon, 7 c.

Christ Pantocrator, icon, 6 c.

Angel with Golden Hair (Archangel Gabriel), icon, 12 c

Christ Pantocrator,
icon, 11 c.


Theophanes the Greek, worked primary in Russia, 14-15 cc.


Transfiguration, icon

Christ Pantocrator, fresco

Christ, icon


icon, fragment

fresco, fragment


Sister Ioanna (Reitlinger), France - Russia, 20c.

Apocalypses, wall painting

Nativity of Christ, icon

Walking on Water, icon


Christ Pantocrator, icon

Moscow school of icon painting, 15 c. - now


Our Lady 'Odigitria', Dionisiy, 15 c.

Ascension, Andrey Rublev, 15 c.


St Nicholas, Nun Iuliania (Sokolova), 20 c.

Sts Zosima & Savatiy,
Nun Iuliania (Sokolova), 20 c.

St Aaron,
Anatoly Eiteneier, (20 c)



Western sacred art (Italy)


Crucifixion, fresco, Pietro Lorenzetti, 14 c.



Blessing Christ with the Virgin Mary and St Mary Magdalene, Ambrogio da Asti,  16 c.

St Mary Magdalene, Duccio, 13-14 c.


The Appearing to the Shepherds

Stigmatization of St Francis of Assisi


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