Iconographer's reference

Anna Golubkina, Russian sculptor, 19-20 cc.




Sitting Man

Old Age 


Early Christian art, Italy, Egypt, Russia


Jesus Christ, wall painting, 4 c.

Our Lady 'Oranta', wall painting, 4 c.

Apostle Peter, icon, 6-7 c


Ascension, icon, 7 c.

Christ Pantocrator, icon, 6 c.

Angel with Golden Hair (Archangel Gabriel), icon, 12 c

Christ Pantocrator,
icon, 11 c.


Theophanes the Greek, worked primary in Russia, 14-15 cc.


Transfiguration, icon

Christ Pantocrator, fresco

Christ, icon


icon, fragment

fresco, fragment


Sister Ioanna (Reitlinger), France - Russia, 20c.

Apocalypses, wall painting

Nativity of Christ, icon

Walking on Water, icon


Christ Pantocrator, icon

Moscow School of icon painting, 15 c. - now


Our Lady 'Odigitria', Dionisiy, 15 c.

Ascension, Andrey Rublev, 15 c.


St Nicholas, Nun Iuliania (Sokolova), 20 c.

Sts Zosima & Savatiy,
Nun Iuliania (Sokolova), 20 c.