By the Hands of the Parish of Armidale


By the Hands of the Parish of Armidale, iinstallation


2019, prayer cards & egg tempera on board, 97 x 74 cm


This work makes use of the prayer cards distributed in the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Armidale, NSW for the purpose of praying for priestly vocations.


The prayer cards reproduce ‘Christ Pantocrator’ (All-powerful) from Sinai, the earliest (6th c.) and arguably the most famous icon of Jesus Christ.


The damaged prayer cards have been collected from the pews and used as they were found. No additional damage has been done.

“By the hand of…” is a customary expression used by an iconographer when they sign their work (on the reverse side of an icon). It highlights the fact that it is not she who made an icon but the Holy Spirit, she = her hand = was only the tool.

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